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A sense of exuberance invades when you meet our Founder and CEO, Ms. Laxmi Joshi. The guiding force behind Laxmi Placement Services, Ms. Laxmi Joshi comes with a rich and diverse understanding in management. She boasts of an enriching experience in handling matters related to HR, Legal, General & Office Administration and Production.

Laxmi Placement Services is set to achieve gazing heights, all due to the herculean efforts put in by Ms. Laxmi Joshi. When congratulated about the stupendous success of VPS, she is quick to add: ” It has been possible only because of my strong and trained team members who support me all the while .” This is just one instance of her humble nature.

Laxmi Placement Services is one of the prime Placement Consultancy in Pune. Ever since its inception, we as accompany have been evolving as a human resource service provider with an experienced and dedicated team taking care of end- to- end recruitment process of the candidates to hold prominent positions in the corporate. We cater to almost all the sectors including all spheres of Industrial, IT, Telecom, Media, Healthcare, FMCG, Real estate, Human Resource to name a few. At  Laxmi Placement Services, we understand the value of our client’s time and recruitment needs and thus be it a general requirement or any profile requiring any specific skills, our expects understands the details and headhunt for the most suitable candidates.

As one of the leading placement consultants in Pune, we understand the ever increasing industrial needs of this beautiful city and thus constantly keep ourselves updates on the latest industry trend to keep ahead of the rest. At Laxmi Placement Services we make sure you get the best!

What is Placement Consultants in Pune as Growing City can offer?

Pune is a great option to look at according to most Placement Consultants. Pune is one city that has better prospects for job opportunities this year. It is the second best region for growth after Bangalore. The city of Pune has beaten the major metropolitan s of Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi to the punch with its rate of job growth. A Laxmi Placement Services  state that this increase in opportunities is due to the increase in BPOs and KPOs in these cities.  A leading Recruitment agency suggests that if you are ready to take a risk, Pune has jobs that can be sensitive to loss of jobs but also an opportunity for fast-tracking your career growth. Therefore, if you are ambitious, confident and thirsty for growth, this is their perfect place to look for a high-powered employment.

Issues of corporate environment : Laxmi Placement Services

Working for years together at the same job without promotions, new challenging work and learning experiences can be discouraging. This is one of the main issues, which job seekers face in the current corporate environment, according to a Laxmi Placement Services . Several placement agencies in the city Pune, state that the reason for the low job satisfaction may well be the region or location that you are working at.Some states have a budding market for new start-ups and companies mushrooming everywhere you look, whereas some other areas have become too saturated to have any substantial growth. Although there are still a lot of opportunities in most metropolitan cities, there is equally stiff competition for the jobs that are available, according to a Laxmi Placement Services  in city Pune.

A word of caution famous Laxmi Placement Services

A word of caution before changing your city of employment as told by a famous Laxmi Placement Services  in the city Pune is that there are some cities that are known for being the worst cities to move to if you want growth. Kolkata, Baroda, and Lucknow are three of the worst cities rated for job growth. Moving on, to why Pune is a great area for job growth. The economic conditions according to many Placement Consultants is that the city is rapidly changing, with plans for rapid expansion and the entry into new unexplored markets. Pune is on an expedition of discovering untapped potential in the job market. The Placement Consultants in Pune has seen the massive increase in the markets that India is breaking into there is sure to be a need for expertise and support from various fields of work. This is stated as one of the major reasons for an increase in job opportunities in Pune, according to the Recruitment agency in Pune.

Laxmi Placement Services – A Guide in the Terrain of Job Search

There exist plenty of jobs in the market with an equal number of job seekers. In addition, there also exists a huge gap between eligible candidates and jobs. This is more prevalent in major cities like Pune, where each day many aspirants land with the quest of getting a good job. The city has been treated as the hub of the companies and these companies are always in demand of resources. This is when recruitment agencies and different placement consultants in Pune come as an aid for candidates.

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